Update from Underground 9 Online Seminar

Yanik Silver and Saab at UG9 seminar

This seminar was a rush, and my first Internet marketing related seminar where I wasn’t peddled one program after another to buy. Not that there wasn’t stuff people presented, but that was kept to a minimum, where all I felt was a massive dose to useful tidbits from the presenters. One presenter after another did a good job of presenting how they made it to the level where they are now making millions with not just online businesses but also offline businesses with the online marketing skills they have acquired over the years. No wonder¬†Yanik¬†Silver’s Underground 9 Online Seminar was named as one of the “Must-Attend” Entrepreneurs Conferences for 2013 at Forbes.com.

Saab and AJ Roberts at UG9There were panel discussions amongst some of the Maverick1000 coaching students that Yanik & AJ Roberts (Yanik’s business partner) have, many of whom are also making healthy 6-7 figures per year in their business ventures. Not only was this place packed with entrepreneurs from all kinds of niches, but also from various parts of the world. Some people I have bought online training products from were there as well and were very happy to share their ideas of what I could do better in my own business. I didn’t expect any of the famous people to talk to a newcomer like me, let alone offer targeted advice. You hear the gurus talk about keeping an abundance mindset, well this seminar was living proof that such people who believe in it and practice it, do exist.

As a bonus, I also received a copy of all the slides (not worth much without the videos though) that were presented at the seminar, the Go-Go Agent directory of all the people who attended the seminar. As a special surprise bonus I also received access to the UG 9 videos, basically the entire 3 days in videos, which is another $795 value. Check out the picture below.

Underground 9 Seminar Videos

If you missed this event, you certainly want to plan on attending Underground 10 in 2014. I hear it’s going to be somewhere warmer than DC (that would be nice). Yanik and AJ Roberts have put together a very special limited-time offer to anyone who wants the UG9 videos and/or get a discounted ticket to the Underground 10 Online Seminar. Click here to see if it’s still available!

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