UG9 Online Seminar Bonuses – The ONLY ones you TRULY need

Do you Need a BONUS or two to go along with the UG9 Seminar?

special bonusesWe are so used to getting stuff thrown at us from all angles as bonuses for anything we buy in the online marketing industry that we forget how impractical and useless some of these things are & so they just end up collecting “digital dust”. Most marketers think they won’t bother buying such a pricey seminar unless they get spectacular bonuses. So, to fill that appetite, how would you like these:

  • Special VIP seating for Dinner with ME at the event. How’s that?
  • Get MY Rolodex of the best contacts, vendors, resources and tools to run my business. Would that be helpful?
  • How about a fun party where you get to spend time with ME?
Yanik Silver of SureFireMarketing
Yanik Silver

Now imagine if you get all this, not from me, but from the man, the legend, Yanik Silver. Even better though, you get to dine & party with your own choice of one or more Elite attendees (not me), and you get Yanik’s resources. You just have to network! Isn’t that worth much more? I think so. The above are Special Bonuses that Yanik provides. See them here!

Seriously, stop bothering with Bonuses that just pile-on without regard to whether you will be able to use them or whether they complement what you’re already getting from this seminar.

Best (BONUS) Advice I can Give is:

  • DON’T bother with bonuses most others offer; they will only add to the confusion and information overload
  • Go prepared to take efficient notes; I don’t like notepads, just take a professional-looking notebook (paper or laptop) and designer pen that screams “classy”
  • Discuss the concepts & ideas shared on stage with others you meet to pick their brains
  • Be an avid listener, and yet act as if you are already an accomplished marketer (fake it till you make it); and, don’t put your foot in your mouth by talking where you should be listening
  • Listening isn’t enough…ask questions to improve your understanding of whatever is being discussed, and then convert what you just learned into actionable items in your notebook
  • Go prepared to offer something of value to marketers & business people you meet, like a list of the best Fiverr gigs, best hosting company, best SEO service in your experience, best WordPress theme for blogging, best Time-Management tricks that work for you, Best Health & Exercise tips, etc…you get the point!
  • Take & distribute memorable business cards with your USP, if you have one!

Special UG9 BonusNow, even after all this advice, you still need something of more value (like cash value) to signup for this seminar, I tell you what…I can’t offer any cashback bonus, which is probably against the rules. BUT, what I’ll do is if you signup through this link and come meet me on the 2nd or 3rd day of the seminar, I’ll give you a $250 Amazon Gift Card just for seeing me and networking with me – or – we can work something out, just email me at saab[dot]marketer[at]gmail[dot]com. If I don’t catch you at the seminar, I can email/mail it to you if you give me your info. Fair enough?

Just so you know, below is proof I registered already. See the video below to see me register live for the Underground Online Seminar.

UG9 Seminar Thank You PageUG9 Online Seminar Registration Confirmation

The best feature about this seminar is the caliber of marketers and business people you can network with. So, let’s make the best use of that, don’t you think? 🙂 Let’s attend UG9 and build so many lasting connections at this event that it kick-starts or catapults our businesses. That would be the best UG9 Bonus ever, I think; so signup here!

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