SEnuke Discount Price + Bonus (The ONLY one you really Need)

SEnuke Discount Price and Bonuses

SEnuke discount price & featuresSo, you’ve heard about SEnuke and now about SEnuke X, right? You probably already know about its features and what makes it so powerful. So, perhaps the only reason you’re here is to find out what price it is and what my bonus will be. If that’s the case, look below.

Note: I highly recommend anyone to get SEnuke X WITHOUT any bonuses that don’t complement the software or what you really need for your marketing needs. There are those that will load bonuses up for you just so you buy. An extremely BAD side-effect of that is that you have tons of “supposedly useful” information or software to use, but rarely any time or discipline to use them. If that’s you (it’s me most of the time), then stay away from buying ANY software just because of bonuses, just buy what you need and proceed to USE IT.

SEnuke Discount Price is:

SEnuke X – $127/month (for new members as well as existing members)

SEnuke (previous version) – $127/month (for many, and $99/month for many original members)

How’s $127/month as the SEnuke discount price? Well, I know this price is only valid during launch period. Soon-after that, it will be $147/month. What’s more is that during launch period, they are also offering two very special (never offered before) pricing models.

SEnuke Discount Price – Special Options:

  • $997 for a yearly license (a savings of about $300 over the monthly license), which comes out to about $83/month (that’s cheaper than the older SEnuke discount price of $99/month, no yearly option existed for that)
  • $1997 for a Lifetime license (a substantial savings; ask anyone who has owned this software since two years ago or much longer).

I’ve been paying $99/month since sometime last year,and I hope to continue paying for this software until I drop dead or it becomes unusable/risky. Get the SEnuke Discount Price now! If you want my bonus below, please clear your cookies and then click on any of my links here. I’m now paying for the Yearly License!

My SEnuke X Bonus

Seriously consider getting this software. To get it with my Bonus (not some rehashed crap or ebook and software bundle), just buy it through my link, and I will give you three very useful (I think) bonuses:

Bonus # 1 – List of 3 other paid tools you will need besides SEnuke X for top-notch SEO.

Bonus # 2 – Top 5 free tools you can use w/o spending an extra dime that complement SEnuke X.

Bonus # 3 – How to make CJ work for you? I’ll share with you a method to find which CJ advertisers to promote that no one talks about to make easy money; these are advertisers with very little affiliate competition. And if you think competition will pile-on if you start promoting someone, it may. But even if it does, you’ll be light years ahead of them with SEnuke X and my Bonus #1 and #2.

BTW, did you know it’s much easier and more profitable to make CJ work as an affiliate than Clickbank? I’ll share my screenshots with only those who purchase through my link here. FYI, I’ve been making between $5,000-$7,000 every month for the past 4-6 months just from 1 CJ advertiser, who most people don’t know about or even consider. I won’t share that advertiser’s name with you, 🙂 but I’ll share how you can find some others.

Email me your receipt at saab.marketer[at]gmail[dot]com so I can send you the bonuses in 15 days. Now, get the SEnuke Discount Price + Bonuses by clicking here!