InfoProdigy by Tim Godfrey & Steve Clayton

Heard the buzz about InfoProdigy already? Most probably, you have and so you would like to know more about it & find an honest review and an awesome bonus if you decide to buy. Keep reading…you’ll get both here! What you’ll find here, and nowhere else, is a review that helps you make a decision, not necessarily push/nudge you into buying it with a super-hyped review & bonus. I won’t do that; many are already doing that, so how can I really be any different if I do that as well, right?InfoProdigy course photo

Quick Overview about Tim Godfrey & Steve Clayton

Tim & Steve are the Million-Dollar duo who have created solid information (IM related) products, one after the other.  Their products are (along with their Peak & Current Clickbank Gravity):

  • Niche Blueprint (released in December 2009; Peak Gravity: 100+)
  • Niche Blueprint 2.0 (released in January 2010; Peak Gravity: 350+, Current Gravity: 12)
  • Commission Blueprint (released in August 2008; Peak Gravity: 800+)
  • Commission Blueprint 2.0 (released in October 2009; Peak Gravity: 100+, Current Gravity: 40+)
  • SEM Blueprint (released in June 2009; Peak Gravity: 130+, Current Gravity: 15+)

So, what does any of this have to do with Tim & Steve’s InfoProdigy course? Well, their past record. Just like in stocks or other investments, past performance is no guarantee for future success, their new product InfoProdigy is no guarantee.

But here’s the inside scoop or you can call it my own insight:

Their products sold as much as they did and enjoyed gravity as high as 800 for one main reason: They give their customers extremely valuable game-changing, life-altering content at an extremely undervalued price. Quiet honestly, that’s the only way to sell information products online and stay on top of your game. InfoProdigy has all the features of yet another solid hit.

InfoProdigy is no different. “Why,” you ask? Simple again….see my next post for what this course includes, and then you be the judge. In the meantime….see their “From $24.95 to $2,495,000… Selling Information” Free Report.