SEnuke X v2.0 Review and Bonus – Comparison with Other Versions

A Quick Review & Comparison of SEnuke X v2.0

SEnuke X v2.0 is filled with more features, is faster than and just as inexpensive as SEnuke v1.0. Let’s quickly compare the feature set amongst the 3 different versions of SEnuke (original, X v1 and X v2.0):

SEnuke v2.0 Review and Bonus


SEnuke X v2.0

SEnuke X v1

SEnuke Original

Schedule submission for weeks ahead
Yes; awesome feature; now I can simply walk away from my PC Yes; awesome feature Exclusively (good then, very slow & buggy in comparison now)
Faster multi-threaded Socket Technology used Exclusively (what used to take 15 mins, now takes less than 2 mins) Partially Not at all; was all done using IE browser (plagued with crashes, slow speed, pop-up windows)
Amount of sites where accounts can be created 4 x Y + increasing with 6 more programmers hired for this 2 x Y Y
Captcha Solving Technology OCR, 40% of all Captcha images solved with 75% accuracy (Captcha costs going down by 40%) Pretty good (human intervention required less frequently) Not so bad (human intervention required frequently)
Start-up Videos Excellent collection + PDF Transcripts of videos Decent collection; no video transcripts Good enough; no video transcripts
Strategy Guidance Special “Strategy” Forum created just now No such special “Strategy” forum; only PDF guides PDF guides that seemed outdated; but support in forum was the best alternative
Success Stories (see here)
210+ 210+ Less than 115
Works post-Panda (see here) Oh Yes; almost 100 such success stories Oh Yes; almost 100 such success stories N/A
Wizard & Diagram Designer Much improved; newbie-friendly New concept here; newbie-friendly Never existed
Indexer Module Life-saver Existed Never existed
Text Spinning Technology TheBestSpinner (TBS) API (Best in the industry) TheBestSpinner (TBS) API (Best in the industry) The ContentBoss, ultimately replaced by TBS
Who uses this software Your biggest, badest & ugliest competition Your biggest, badest & ugliest competition Your biggest, badest & ugliest competition
Monthly Price $147 ($67 for Lite version; very limited) $147 ($67 for Lite version; very limited) $127
Yearly Subscription (monthly equivalent) $1297 ($108 monthly) $997 ($83 monthly); not offered anymore no yearly subscription
Lifetime Subscription $1997 ** Good for ONLY 24 hrs more **
$1997 (only good when X v1 launched) No such option
Free Trial, Refund Policy 14 days Free Trial, 30 day return policy 14 days Free Trial, 30 day return policy 14 days Free Trial, 30 day return policy

So, who uses SEnuke X v2.0, an expensive piece of software?

Only those who feel that it makes business sense would. I do, and to the tune of 17,147 others do as well. That’s how many are registered on the forum. I’m guessing most have this software in one form or another. Also, many (like me initially), don’t even register on the forum & keep using it. Most marketers in competitive niches (that’s niches with a lot of money to made in) use SEnuke X. Most marketers already making money in their IM businesses as well as smart college kids savvy enough to spend wisely do. Shouldn’t you?

Which SEnuke X 2.0 Bonus is worth having?

No IM product or PLR course is worth having if it doesn’t add value to this software or to you. You’re probably inundated with product pitches all day long in your inbox. I get inundated, and a day doesn’t go by when I don’t have 2-3 different products pitched to me through email (not including all that my spam folder catches). So, MY ADVICE TO YOU is: Don’t bother getting any other course or tool or bonus that doesn’t compliment this powerhouse of a software OR that doesn’t fill an IMMEDIATE need you have in your business. All the bonuses, video course, other software tools simply distract us from doing what we need to do with our main purchase. In terms of ROI on our purchases, it’s best to avoid distractions, don’t you think?

That doesn’t mean, I’m going to skip on offering you a SEnuke X Bonus. 🙂 So, here are my SEnuke bonuses:

  1. up to $154 refund – If you get the Lifetime, Yearly or Monthly License, I’ll pay you back for your 1st year of The Best Spinner AND/or Instant Article Wizard purchases ($77/year each). Just email me your purchase receipts & give me your PayQuicker or PayPal payment email address (make sure to clear your cookies and use the links on this page for ANY service you get) – OR – if you already have TBS or IAW, I can reimburse your 1st month of Link Emperor Soldier account fee ($147 value) – OR – if none of those options work for you, email me, I’m sure we can work something out!
  2. I will share with you my personal method that I use to target low competition niches on (forget ClickBank, which might be easy to get started with, but CJ is much easier to make MORE money with). This is a no-fluff short & actionable PDF, not one stretched into an ebook. This is valued at over $27 since it includes tips & tricks I’ve learned over a course of 2+ years of promoting companies at

SEnuke XGo ahead, get the best deal in the market for SEnuke X v2.0 at a substantial savings either as a Lifetime subscription or a Yearly subscription, and email me your purchase receipts for both SEnuke X AND The Best Spinner AND/or Instant Article Wizard or Link Emperor Soldier at “saab.marketer[at]gmail[dot]com”. You’ll have Bonus #1 soon after the 30 day refund policy. Fair enough? Hope you enjoy this software, as much as I do. If nothing else, test it out with a 14-day Free Trial, and then let your results as well as the fantastic support in the forums decide whether to keep it. Best of luck with your IM/SEO business!

PS: If you’re having trouble finding the Yearly or Lifetime offer, click here to go straight to the Lifetime Offer OTO page (works only if you’ve already registered at the SEnuke members area and logged-in).  Also, sometimes such offers get extended or stay hidden, so it never hurts to try. Click the link above to see if it still works! 🙂 Hope you enjoyed this SEnuke X v2.0 Review and Bonus!

Rating: 3.6 out of 5 based on 14 ratings

SEnuke X Features – The Lite Vs Full Versions

SEnuke X features are plentiful, but you now have a choice between two version of SEnuke XCr. They are as in the picture below. Do note that these prices may only be available for the launch week, which is taking place right now. Get your copy of SEnuke XCr, a tool I consider to be the most useful SEO automation software available in the market today.

Quick Comparison of SEnuke X Features (Lite vs Full):

SEnuke XCr Lite vs Full comparison

As you can see the Lite version isn’t all that feature-rich, but the full version is. So, don’t waste your money on SEnuke X Lite; just get the full SEnuke X. Learn more about the special SEnuke XCr Special Pricing and my Bonus.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

InfoProdigy by Tim Godfrey & Steve Clayton

Heard the buzz about InfoProdigy already? Most probably, you have and so you would like to know more about it & find an honest review and an awesome bonus if you decide to buy. Keep reading…you’ll get both here! What you’ll find here, and nowhere else, is a review that helps you make a decision, not necessarily push/nudge you into buying it with a super-hyped review & bonus. I won’t do that; many are already doing that, so how can I really be any different if I do that as well, right?InfoProdigy course photo

Quick Overview about Tim Godfrey & Steve Clayton

Tim & Steve are the Million-Dollar duo who have created solid information (IM related) products, one after the other.  Their products are (along with their Peak & Current Clickbank Gravity):

  • Niche Blueprint (released in December 2009; Peak Gravity: 100+)
  • Niche Blueprint 2.0 (released in January 2010; Peak Gravity: 350+, Current Gravity: 12)
  • Commission Blueprint (released in August 2008; Peak Gravity: 800+)
  • Commission Blueprint 2.0 (released in October 2009; Peak Gravity: 100+, Current Gravity: 40+)
  • SEM Blueprint (released in June 2009; Peak Gravity: 130+, Current Gravity: 15+)

So, what does any of this have to do with Tim & Steve’s InfoProdigy course? Well, their past record. Just like in stocks or other investments, past performance is no guarantee for future success, their new product InfoProdigy is no guarantee.

But here’s the inside scoop or you can call it my own insight:

Their products sold as much as they did and enjoyed gravity as high as 800 for one main reason: They give their customers extremely valuable game-changing, life-altering content at an extremely undervalued price. Quiet honestly, that’s the only way to sell information products online and stay on top of your game. InfoProdigy has all the features of yet another solid hit.

InfoProdigy is no different. “Why,” you ask? Simple again….see my next post for what this course includes, and then you be the judge. In the meantime….see their “From $24.95 to $2,495,000… Selling Information” Free Report.